lunes, febrero 24, 2014

pino carçot

Mañana soleada en Alboraia. 
A la vista de la ingente cantidad de carçots y porrones de vino, nuestra nueva pupila Merk no pudo evitar lanzarse a la llamada del pino etnológico. 
Mucho nivel para ser una debutante.

sábado, noviembre 19, 2011

2 degrees, 1 MA and 5 languages later...

I'm selling my old elf friend, he's called pablelf and he looks like this:

he can be your very good friend, he can psychoanalyze your children, do aerial straps with them, help you with the devising of the school play, drive you home after work, cook you a spanish omelette, go to the cinema with you, fix your bike, hack your neighbor's wireless, walk your dog and many other things... although if you have one of these elf friends you don't want them to do any of this, you want them to:

and still dressed as an elf!

i'm a man now.

sábado, octubre 29, 2011

halloween posmodernista

"If one examines socialist realism, one is faced with a choice: either reject Derridaist reading or conclude that academe is capable of intention. It could be said that Baudrillard promotes the use of capitalist narrative to challenge class divisions. Drucker[1] implies that the works of Joyce are not postmodern.

The main theme of the works of Joyce is the defining characteristic, and subsequent collapse, of dialectic class. However, Bataille’s critique of postmaterial objectivism states that sexuality is used to entrench sexism, given that language is distinct from reality. Sartre uses the term ‘pretextual feminism’ to denote not, in fact, discourse, but neodiscourse...."

me gustan las fotos multitudianrias: maximilià empezando por la izquierda, myself is next, francesca, ernesto, roland y rocío detràs de la cámara.

viernes, octubre 21, 2011

Handstand in Nepal

After hiking 4 hours with some friends during a volunteer trip in Nepal, we arrived at the top of a ridge in the Kathmandu valley. What better place for a handstand! Thank goodness my face isn't visible (imagine a swollen tomato...)

jueves, octubre 20, 2011

toski sorridente...

verticale italiana nel london underground.
grazie a dio che abbiamo tosca per tenere il mondo al posto giusto...


sábado, julio 30, 2011

pinos desde el sur para ciudad-invierno.

a falta de mini-hollywood...


bendito mariano por su dedicación tras media hora de conocerme y a pesar del calor y del atasco, y bendita paula también por jugarse la vida, haceis un gran equipo. la foto es camino de almería, pero podría ser camino de cualquier parte. cuenca por ejemplo. o zaragoza. por eso pongo la otra foto, con el mar de carboneras de fondo.


martes, julio 19, 2011

Valle de Pineta y CIrco de la Larri.

Aun con el riesgo de partirme la espalda, ahí va eso.

Unos dias de alta montaña en el parque nacional de Ordesa y Monte perdido. Accediendo por el valle de Pineta, el que os recomiendo encarecidamente.

Un abrazo

martes, junio 28, 2011

is this some kind of joke?

YES. this is the best picture I've got from her. and NO, she is not that ugly. she got into our life one random day some 3 moths ago (or was it 3 years?), and after some good squatting, some wine, some pingpong, some waiting for the police, some yousay-shesays bullshit, some worldchanging, some italian lessons and some honest laughing she got to be our very good friend at hillside road.
"all these moments will be lost in time like tears in the rain, it's time to die... or enjoy the summer"
i'll go for the summer. still, my dear veronika, it's been a real pleasure. i hope you find what you are looking for.
thanks for the cigarettes!

and these are the hillside inhabitants: myself, veronica, tosca and pako.
i'll get marti and macoña to do a handstand, i promise.

and this is mart and myself!